Management Consulting

Business development, platform building, technology and partnerships for digital banking, financial services and embedded finance.

FUTURELAB was founded by Stefan Weiß more than 20 years ago, in April 2000, as strategic management consultancy and launchpad of several start-ups, including subsidiary companies. Right from the start FUTURELAB was at the center of a network of extraordinary people – smart and experts in their domains. We leveraged knowledge with IT, innovation with processes, people with agile culture. The company and brand evolved throughout the years to match the requirements of projects and customers.

Today FUTURELAB works for smart banks and other innovative organizations that understand that digital transformation requires to challenge the status quo in order to defeat competition, sustain crises and seize new business opportunities. We connect people and business to foster growth.


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FUTURELAB Management Consulting
Franz-Lehar-Straße 3, Gröbenzell, Germany

Phone: +49 163 894 2872